Westminster Abbey

Millennium Models were commissioned earlier this year to produce a model to support the planning application of the proposed Triforium Tower by Ptolomey Dean. This is to be the first major addition to the building since Hawkmoor’s West Towers completed in 1745.

The project to open the Triforium as a museum to the public necessitates  a stair and lift tower sited in the area between the chapter house and the south transept by Poets Corner. 

As the model will become an exhibit in its own right, standing alongside the Sir Christopher Wren model of a proposed spire, it was decided that the model should broadly follow in its tradition.

As in all things connected to the Abbey there were questions of conservation . It was required that the model should have a lifespan of 400 years. 

In order to plan for this we teamed with Richard Armiger, a long term collaborator  and  George Rome Innes for his expertise in conservation 

The result is a model that shows a quadrant of the Abbey with sections on the South Transept , Crossing, Altar and Henry VII Chapel.  Produced  in Steamed Beech.